The Wisdom Way

Join me for this exciting exploration into The Wisdom Way of achieving coaching mastery. 

Strengthen your professional and personal competencies to reach your goals — and build your skills to empower clients in achieving theirs!

Hi, I’m Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach, and I will be your coaching guide, mentor, and program facilitator as we work together through 

The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery program.  

I’ll share with you the insights, best practices, and “secret sauce” I have developed over 25 years of coaching, training coaches, mentoring coaches, providing supervision, and assessing ICF exams at the PCC and MCC level.

Calling Forth Your Client’s Greatness!

The Wisdom Way Coaching MasteryTM program is for you if…

You are a Coach who is passionate about personal and professional development and achieving greater coaching mastery,


You are a Coach Trainer, Mentor, or Supervisor who wants to deepen your own professional experience and develop advanced mastery to excel in your role.

You’re invited to join me in this virtual learning environment to:

  • Expand your coaching mastery and strengthen your coaching competencies 
  • Deepen your coaching presence and power with clients
  • Enhance your coaching skills for accessing your client’s transformational zone
  • Empower your own transformation through personal learning and self-actualization
  • Leverage your strengths and passion for greater contribution and deeper fulfillment
  • Earn 14 ICF Resource Development (RD) credits

"I had lots of doubts about my coaching skills and ability to develop what was needed to attain the MCC level. Fran, it was your guidance and genuine intention that helped me to make the journey successfully to MCC."

~Aref AlMubarak, MCC

"Being a participant in Fran's Inspiring Competence Mentor Coaching Progam significantly elevated the quality of my coaching and mentor coaching, specifically my ability to hold structure and sacred space for my clients in a more rigorous, powerful way. As a result, my clients get even greater value out of our sessions, and I can see the positive impact of my coaching. My investment in Fran's program paid for itself and continues to pay dividends."

~Marc Smith Sacks