Complimentary Webinars

Clearing Barriers to Your Authentic Power, Part One and Part Two

Danna interviews Fran Fisher, MCC

Barriers can be real or imagined. They can keep us stuck in patterns of behavior, or trapped in circumstances that are stressful, unhealthy, and restricting our personal/ professional growth.

You have a power source within you that can help you clear obstacles to fulfilling your life and work potential. You will learn how to shift your relationship to road blocks, frustrations, difficulties, breakdowns, etc. so that you are soaring with your strengths and creativity.

You will learn how to:

  1. Access your authentic power on a day to day basis
  2. Shift your mental and emotional state from problem to possibility
  3. Utilize self-empowering tools for clearing real or imagined obstacles in your life and or work

These two one-hour conversations will take an “inside-out” approach. The key to the simple secrets mentioned above has more to do with who you are being than what you try to do to change the obstacles.

For example, Mary was stuck in indecision about a career path she was attracted to because she was afraid to make a mistake. “What if I can’t earn a living at it?” Her heart said one thing and her head said another. More research into that career continued to keep her stuck. When Mary chose to trust her heart, and trust her belief that “there is no such thing as failure – only learning,” she found the strength and faith to move forward, free of the worry and fear.

Fran coaches individuals, entrepreneurs, executives and collaborative work teams who want to transform the quality of their lives and the effectiveness of their work. She has facilitated hundreds of individuals in discovering, accessing, and living their higher potential.

“The key to living the life and doing work that you love is accessing who you are – who you really are at the core of your being.” Fran Fisher, MCC