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Shining Light on the PCC Markers

How would you like to understand WHAT ICF Assessors are listening for and WHY? Consider how this information will contribute to your clarity and confidence as you move toward higher levels of your coaching mastery.

In this teleclass you will learn:

  • Five Key principles that guide ICF PCC assessors
  • Four guidelines for objective listening
  • PCC Markers and what they mean
  • Distinctions of ACC, PCC and MCC
  • How to utilize this information for enhancing your coaching competencies


As a result of what I learned from Fran’s teleclass today, my coaching conversations are richer and more meaningful.  Fran’s content was concrete, tangible, relatable, valuable and useful!  Kristen N, PCC


Clear, powerful and informative teleconference!  S. Marquis, PCC


Woo, hoo! At last, the markers revealed! Thank you, now I am eager to apply them. S. Jones, PCC


Class Notes – Action Guide                               

The Action Guide may take a little while to load as determined by your Internet Connection. You may want to print it in advance before listening to the “Replay”.