Reaching the Aha Moment

Often when clients say, “I don’t know,” what they really mean is that it’s uncomfortable to face the answer. When we trust our instincts as a coach, and help our clients give voice to their uncomfortable truths – we may just create a transformational  or “Aha!” moment.

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Small Business Mistakes

“Imperfections are important, just as mistakes are. You only get to be good by learning from mistakes and you get to be real by being imperfect.” – Anonymous The sad news is, for ten years I owned and operated a small business that ultimately failed.

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Seven Coaching Wisdoms

Imagine a world where these are the guiding principles for how all of us are being in our relationships. What do you want less of, Struggle, Stress, Disappointment, Chaos? What do you want more of, Freedom, Joy, Prosperity, Peace, Vitality?

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Coaching Principles

Sacred Space is an honoring, caring, safe environment that is clear of distractions for the client. The greater your ability to remove the distractions that you cause in the conversation, the more your client will show up to themselves; the more they can hear what they are thinking; the more they can feel what they […]

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Shinning a light on Pcc Markers

Shining a Light on the PCC Markers

How would you like to understand WHAT ICF Assessors are listening for and WHY? Consider how this information will contribute to your clarity and confidence as you move toward higher levels of your coaching mastery. In this teleclass you will learn: Five Key principles that guide ICF PCC assessors Four guidelines for objective listening PCC […]

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Transformational Questions: From “What” to “Who”

Transformational Questions: From “What” to “Who” A Complimentary TeleSeminar Replay for coaches who want to take their client into the transformational zone. Transformation is caused by a shift in perception. The most effective way to facilitate your client in experiencing a informational shift is from the inside out. Inside is the WHO (who you are) Outside […]

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